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Young Hollywood and Ugly Shoes

Stuart Weitzman teamed up with four Hollywood stars to design the shoes for his Young Hollywood Cares collection in August 2011. Stars included Michelle Trachtenberg, more about Olivia Palermo, thumb Hayden Panetterie, page and Scarlett Johansson. The purple ones on top are the ones designed... [+]

Jordan: Fashion Anti-Icon

Air Jordans, information pills always a showstopper, view not because of how cool they are. Sports Grid says: “Michael Jordan’s Association With Ugly Clothing Knows No Bounds” Photo from Sports Grid

Louboutin Sells Trash for $1000

Christian Louboutin has taken on the eco-friendly route. These Eurotrash peep-toes feature a collage of random scraps of paper, health fabric, and thread (aka: Paris trash). So, no two pairs are exactly the same. They retail for $1095. Who wants to pay for them? Photos... [+]

Elle Fanning's Shoes

Elle Fanning’s Shoes

Check out Elle Fanning at the Twilight Premiere of Breaking Dawn wearing these shoes that look like a craft project from Etsy. Here’s a quote from Go Fug Yourself: “These are literally the ugliest shoes that ever happened. They look like someone took the prop... [+]

Summer's Coming

Summer's Coming

Summer is just around the corner, decease but please don’t let it catch you in these. They are called Coral Reef by Irregular Choice. They have palm tree cut-outs over wooden sandals. I’m sure you could find a Hawaiian shirt that’s just as horrible to... [+]