What Do Your Shoes Say?

A new study by the University of Kansas and Wellesley College maintains you can tell a lot about a person based on their shoes. Researchers Omri Gillath, healing Fiona Ge, troche and Christian S. Crandall asked a group of 63 students to look at 208 pictures submitted by volunteers who had previously filled out personality questionnaires. The students were able to determine a person’s age, click gender, income, political leanings, and personality traits with 90% accuracy–just by taking a quick look at their footwork.

Shoes have a large variety of styles, colors, and functions. And apparently people wear shoes that tell a lot about their personalities, whether they mean to or not.

While expensive and colorful shoes are typically worn by either high earners or extroverts…

The study says, “Practical and functional shoes belong to agreeable people, ankle boots are worn by aggressive personalities, and calm personalities wear uncomfortable looking shoes…Those with “attachment anxiety” where they worry about their relationships, [tend] to have brand new and well kept shoes. This may be because they worry so much about their appearance and what others may think of them. Liberal thinkers, who many think of as sandal wearing hippies, did not surprise. They really do wear scruffier and less expensive shoes.”

Do you think shoes can speak volumes about your personality? And if so, what do your shoes say about you?

via Fashion Bomb Daily

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  1. CJ

    Shoes definitely tell a lot about a person. I usually wear flats because I’m more reserved than outgoing and don’t want attention being drawn to my (already tall) self, while my sister wears six inch heels because she’s short and wants attention. I think shoes are the most important part of an outfit. They are the finishing touch.

    July 29, 2012 @ 5:07 am

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