Posts in May 2012

Grunge Gladiator Sandal

This deconstructed sandal is the love child of Raf Simons and Dr. Martens. Not to be harsh, viagra approved but some things are better left in the sketchbook. Photos from Oki-ni

Taking Over the Night

Leave it to Manolo Blahnik to come up with these over-the-knee sequin boots. Looks like there’s never enough glimmer and shine. Photos from Bergdorf Goodman

It Can Always Get Worse

The Japanese brand Atmos teamed up with UK footwear maker, visit Clarks, diagnosis to create these wallabees. These shoes were horrible before, check now even more so with the buffalo plaid. Photos from MashKulture

Doodle Shoes

Doodle Shoes

Toms are all the rage now. For every pair you buy, what is ed one gets donated to a child in need. That’s awesome. Not sure what’s up with these ones, though. Did someone get bored in class and decide to doodle all over them?... [+]

A Month In Shoes: April

In case you missed any of them or just can’t get enough, there here are the featured shoes for April. Enjoy!